The Mission of The Carey School

Specializing in elementary education, The Carey School
inspires curious, confident and joyful learners and
celebrates childhood in an inclusive, diverse community that
nurtures kindness, respect and personal responsibility.

Our Commitment

Educate each child through an academically challenging and balanced Pre-Kindergarten to Fifth Grade
educational curriculum based on the fundamentals of reading, language arts, and math.

Advance our curriculum with integrated studies in science, music, art, world languages, technology,
library studies, physical education and other enrichment programs.

Enable students to reach their fullest potential by providing a developmentally appropriate curriculum
that nurtures cognitive, creative, social-emotional and physical growth.

Sustain a culture of teaching excellence through passionate faculty, curriculum reviews, collaboration
and professional development.

Partner with families to maintain our inclusive community and build student awareness of self as well
as the world beyond.

Graduate enthusiastic, life-long learners who are prepared with the skills for a successful educational journey.