Annual Fund Co-Chairpersons

Lydia Alexander
Mason Ford

Board of Trustees Advancement Chairperson

Kristy Cowan

Grandparents Co-Chairpersons

Robbie Fang
Steven Lo

Alumni/Alumni Parents Co-Chairpersons

Betsy Berman
Mary Folsom

Board of Trustees Executive Committee

Devon Gold – President
Mark Moore – Vice President
Betsy Berman – Secretary
Steve Lo – Treasurer

Board of Trustees

Ben Coughlin
Kristy Cowan
Brian Dowd
Joe Eandi
Miguel Espinosa
Robbie Fang
Mary Folsom
Mason Ford
Bobbie Gates
Markus Hunt
Lydia Alexander Kapoor
Katie Raab
Erich Sengelmann
Henry Sohn
Bill Silver

Head of School

Duncan Lyon

CSPA Parent Representative

Laura Agarwal


Rajil and Lydia Kapoor
Todd and Catherine Young


Daryl Luey and Maxine Tse
Dylan and Tracy Powers
Adam and Amy Schwartz


Miguel and Angela Espinosa
Doug and Kim Pepper
Rick and Danielle Steenburg


John and Adrienne Crowther
Jack and Nina Herndon
Torsten Kimura and Alice Akahoshi
David and Danielle Kling


Susan Faris and Ted Apple
Anthony Lye and Diana Dorobek
Jamie and Allison Keenan

Ambassadors (continued)

Daniel Tumas and Dorothy French
Leslie Kramer
Patrick and Talia Plawner
Mike and Kelly Rierson


Robert and Karina Dykes
Mark and Lisa Hammitt
Pehr and Carolyn Luedtke


Andrew and Heidi Cotton
Andrew and Robbie Fang
Robert and Heather Massoudi


David Chao and Amanda Minami
Maria Gorelik and Lee Kaplan
Raymond and Mia Locsin
Damon and Nkia Richardson


Dennis and Kristina Israelski
Michele and Tyler Sloat
Sam and Mary Folsom


Sam and Lorena Ferdows
Doug and Claudia Renert
Chad and Cathleen Thomas


Michael and Cecile Chang
Cecil and Regina Cheng
Andrew and Julie Lev


Brad and Helen Carris
Mason and Julie Ford
Peter and Stacey Isaacson

Corporate Ambassadors for Matching Gifts

Hilary Coral – Franklin Templeton Investments
Beth Dowd – Google
Dora Nathanson – Well Fargo Bank
Sally Screven – Oracle
Doris Zane- Genentech

Admission and Advancement Associate

Kitsana Salyphone

Advancement and Communication Associate

Daisy Hsiao

Advancement Director

Lisa Fowler

Head of School

Duncan Lyon