Kristy_CowanKristy Cowan, Advancement Chairperson

What an incredible year for The Carey School! During the 2013-14 school year, our little elementary school reached new heights and made amazing strides in so many important areas. As the Chair of the Board of Trustees’ Advancement Committee, I recognize that it truly does “take a village” to raise the resources necessary to support these achievements, and I want to express my sincere appreciation for those who worked so hard to get us here.

At the helm of Advancement leadership is Carey’s Advancement Director, Lisa Fowler. Lisa’s creativity, energy, thoughtfulness, and organization make it possible for our school to rely on a well-run annual fund year upon year and to “dream big” as we considered our needed capital improvements to the school. On behalf of the entire Advancement Committee, we thank Lisa for being such a valuable resource to us all.

The school’s major fundraising initiative over the last three years has been the Carey Forward capital campaign to fund our new construction. By any measure, the entire project has been an unqualified success. To date, we have raised $4.75 million, more than any amount raised in the school’s history. This amazing milestone would not have been possible without the leadership of our full Board of Trustees who contributed 54% of the funds raised, as well as the campaign’s 2012-13 co-chairs, Devon Gold and Sarah Murphy, and the 2013-14 co-chairs, Ben Coughlin and myself. Thank you to this entire “village” for making the board’s vision for an updated campus into a remarkable reality.

Like all independent schools, The Carey School relies on its annual fundraising to supplement student tuition to cover the yearly costs of operating our educational program. Unlike most independent schools, however, Carey has a rich tradition of extensive community support of our annual fund, including an enviable 100% participation rate of parents and faculty. Co-chaired by Lydia Alexander Kapoor and Mason Ford for a second year in a row, the 2013-14 Carey Fund broke another school record by raising $500,000. I would like to thank Lydia and Mason for their constant enthusiasm and tireless efforts that made the last two years of Carey’s annual fund an unqualified success!

An important additional source of valuable resources that support the Carey program comes from our Carey School Parent Association (CSPA). Led by co-Presidents Laura Agarwal and Julie Lev, the CSPA contributed more than $237,000 to Carey’s bottom line in 2013-14. The 2013 Walkfest, chaired by Sandy Moore and Angela Espinosa, brought the entire school community together for camaraderie, exercise, fun, and fundraising. The school’s 2014 Great Gatsby Auction, chaired by Janae Corley, Lori Jabagchourian, and Janel Lehman, allowed our faculty and parent community to celebrate together while raising essential support for the educational program, professional development, and “Carey at Play.” We are truly grateful for these CSPA leaders who put so much heart and hard work into making all of the CSPA events such a success.

Each person who volunteers to join our advancement efforts at Carey does so believing in the importance of the Carey mission, and I am incredibly appreciative of this committed team. Carey families have given so generously of their time, talents, and resources, and it has been a real pleasure getting to work with such fine folks.