Duncan Lyon Head of SchoolDuncan Lyon, Head of School

The cover of Independent School Magazine earlier this year trumpeted a 20-year plan for better schools. The magazine is always well-written and worth the read. This edition delved into fertile topics such as the “technological imperative” and schools as “global stewards.” In the end, however, I find a 20-year cast into the future to be a bit too distant to really get my arms around. I doubt anyone in the 1993-94 school year understood how the Internet would impact education 20 years hence. The adjective “disruptive” used in a positive sense had not yet taken root.

Twenty years is a long time horizon in which to make predictions, but there are aspects of Carey that were as true two decades ago as they are today. Celebrating childhood and preparing self-aware learners academically and socially remain at the center of our endeavor.

It is for this reason that I return to the timeless notion that it is important to take each student and each year one at a time. As we do, we use our Strategic Plan to guide us. As these pages indicate, the financial health of our school is strong, yet it is the provision of high-quality, passionate teaching and learning that continually motivates us. The 2013-14 school year was a flourishing one for the school on that score as we built new spaces that have enhanced our program and set in place conditions for even greater success going forward.

We continue to appreciate all the support of time, talent, and resources that let our eagles fly, each student, each day, one year at a time.