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Darren Adkinson and Maya Tussing
Angell Wing Fund
Joe and Annette Goodwine
Ted Apple and Susan Faris
Applied Materials
Brian and Dana Ascher
Avago Technologies
Tachu and Damaris Avila
Bank of America
Bank of the West
John and Christina Beauclair
Michael and Betsy Berman
Bimbo’s 365 Club
David and Kim Bottoms
Tom Brehme and Katie Bell Brehme
Bradley and Helen Carris
Albert and Jean Chiang
Dave and Heather Conlan
Chris and Natalie Cook
Edgar and Hilary Coral
Andrew and Heidi Cotton
Ben Coughlin and Annie Luetkemeyer
Michael and Sarah Coughlin
Charilyn Cowan
James and Kristen Cowan
John and Adrienne Crowther
Ken and Kathy Diekroeger
Brian and Beth Dowd
Robert and Karina Dykes
Joseph and Susan Eandi
Shahriar Emami and Azita Oghlidos
Miguel and Angela Espinosa
Mary Evans
Lillian Fireside
Matthew and Lindsay Folk
Sam and Mary Folsom
Mason and Julie Ford
Gene and Maria Frantz
Kell Fujimoto and Sandra Suzaki

Ryan Gabriel and Leslie Shirasu
Peter and Linda Gardner
Tim and Colleen Gartner
Jamie and Bobbie Gates
Genentech, Inc
Darren and Devon Gold
Goldman Sachs
Google Inc.
Timothy and Julie Gregory
Mark and Lisa Hammitt
Daniel Hennessy and Rebecca Boyden
Jack and Nina Herndon
Mike Heuer and Amy Gartner
Wiley and Susie Hodges
Dean and Deborah Holstein
Honey Bear Trees
Stephen and Saloni Howard-Sarin
Peter and Caroline Hughes
Freddy and Alicia Huynh
Jeff Hyman and Hilary Weingast
Robert and Andrea Irvin
Orion and Simona Jankowski
Rick Jones
The Joseph & Mercedes McMicking Foundation
Chop and Annette Keenan
Jamie and Allison Keenan
Ian Kennish and Jane Butler
Torsten Kimura and Alice Akahoshi
Michael Kohn and Caroline Vosti
Clint and Heather Kollar
Steve Krause and Jacqueline LeSage Krause
Bob and Tami Lahl
Curtis Chen and Piming Lai
TK Lakshman and Celsina Bignoli
Peter Langner and Gabriele Schaefer
Tamm Lee and Veronica Louie
Bill Lenihan and Nicole Ancelovici-Lenihan
Andrew and Julie Lev
Levi Strauss
Byron and Cathy Levy
Brad and Regina Lewis
Kim Liu and Helen Koo
Steven and Vanessa Lo
Raymond and Mia Locsin
Anthony Lye and Diana Dorobek-Lye
Duncan Lyon and Veronica Agosta
Louise Della Maggiora
Hasan Malik and Sarah Suleman
Rositur and Karena Martin
Robert and Heather Massoudi
Steve and Patty Mayer
McDorobush Family Foundation
Alaistair and Amy McHugh
McMicking Foundation
David McNeel and Anne Michelle Manzo
Greg and Heather Melvin
Mark and Sandra Moore
Motorola Mobility LLC
Sarah Murphy
Kamran Nasser and Marjan Yazdanian
Daniel and Dora Nathanson
Steven Nightingale and Lucy Blake
The Nightingale Family Foundation
Brett and Jennifer Nissenberg
Neely Norris and Brooke Reynolds
Christopher and Christina O'Neill
Rick and Melinda Osterloh
Christopher and Carol Owen
Vineet Jain and Savita Patel
Douglas and Kim Pepper
Patrick and Talia Plawner
Dylan and Tracy Powers
Zachary and Jennifer Price
John and Christa Quarles
Suzie Quiney
Andy and Katie Raab
Jason and Grace Rhee
Adolfo and Veronica Riedel
Mike and Kelly Rierson
Lyndon and Madeleine Rive
Juan Carlos Rocha and Grecia Marrufo
Tom and Melissa Saberi
Anthony and Gwendy Scampavia
Joel and Melissa Selcher
Anand Shroff and Kirti Dewan Shroff
Tyler and Michele Sloat
Henry Sohn
Mark and Ariela St. Pierre
Richard Steenburg and Danielle Lan
Scott Sutherland and Lesley Gold
Helen Texido
Chad and Cathleen Thomas
Bruce and Sharon Thornton
Jeffrey Ting and Winnie Koo
Justin Vitale and Angie Kim
The Walt Disney Company
Wells Fargo Bank
Michael and Rosalind Young
Todd Young and Catherine Nelson Young
Lee and Doris Zane
Al and Peggy Zappelli

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