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 Mary Folsom

The Advancement Team at The Carey School worked hard in the 2014-2015 school year to achieve some ambitious goals, and we were rewarded with some record-breaking results! The school continues to grow in so many important ways, always with the Mission of the School top of mind. Our fundraising efforts this year fueled much of this growth, and I am so grateful to the hard working staff and parents who made it happen.

Coordinating all of our activities was Lisa Fowler, Carey’s Advancement Director. Lisa’s leadership, careful attention to detail and love for the Carey students is an inspiration to us all and drives results that continue to improve our school. On behalf of the entire Advancement Committee, we thank Lisa for her hard work and passion.

This year, we are thrilled to report that we successfully closed the Carey Forward Capital Campaign at a record $5.1 million. Seeing the joy on the children’s (and teacher’s!) faces as they played, created, learned and spread out in our gorgeous, new facilities warmed the hearts of all. Our gratitude goes out to Carey’s Board of Trustees, parents, grandparents, alumni parents, alumni and special friends for making this remarkable improvement to our school.

The Carey Fund broke another record this year by raising $558,000. As you know, we rely on this Fund to supplement tuition in order to cover the yearly operating and academic expenses that make Carey’s program outstanding. All independent schools use this model, and I am grateful to our enthusiastic Annual Fund Co-Chairs, Lydia Alexander Kapoor and Mason Ford for rallying our school around this important annual initiative.

The Carey School Parents Association (CSPA), led by Jean Chiang, not only brought our community together in spirited ways, but also contributed $300,000 to our 2014-2015 fundraising total. The team’s tireless efforts included the annual warm and sunny Walkfest, which was chaired by Leslie Shirasu, Amanda Chao, Letizia Pillegi and Julie Gregory. This year’s entertaining “Boogie Fever” Auction was chaired by our first-ever double dad team of Tom Brehme and Brian Vermeulen. This successful event raised more funds than ever for our education program, professional development, Carey at Play and the brand new Thinkering Lab, which was built last summer. We are so appreciative for our leaders and all the parent volunteers who work so hard putting on events for our school.

Our advancement team worked this year to bring our community together and to raise funds that support the Mission of the School. I was humbled every day by their commitment and dedication to our little school. The staff, teachers and parents all pitch in to make Carey such a very special place.