Jean Chiang

I spoke often last year about our community being “engaged.” Mostly because this is what I know something about! In my previous life when I worked in a full time paying job, I spent a lot of my time thinking about how to help organizations improve their employee engagement. The first question people always asked me was – what is engagement?  An engaged employee is one that is willing to go above and beyond, and is emotionally connected to the organization. When I think about Carey Parents, this word, “engaged” – is what comes to mind. Our community is engaged – we all go above and beyond for our school and we are emotionally connected. Thank you all for this. Because of you all, we have a thriving after care community. Because of you all we have teacher appreciation breakfasts. Because of you all we are better connected, we support our faculty and staff, and we connect to our broader community. And because of you all, through Fund-A-Need at Auction, we have our Thinkering Lab!

CSPA Executive Committee