Duncan_Lyon Duncan Lyon

The theme of this annual report is “Thank You” and the many ways of saying so. One can see from the photos below and throughout this site, the joyous faces of students who are the beneficiaries of donor generosity. With our financial audit complete, one can see in the pages that follow how critical the Annual Fund is to the top line of educating these wonderful students and to the bottom line of making our school operate optimally. As these pages indicate, the 2014-2015 school year was a prosperous one for the school at many levels and set in place conditions for even greater programmatic success going forward. Many hands and hearts contributed to a stellar year and this publication aims to recognize those collective efforts.

The tide of 2014-2015 Carey Fund dollars raised many boats. Among them were tuition assistance, academic programming, and impressive levels of professional development support to our faculty. The faculty ventured out and brought back important new ideas ranging from how we use technology in our teaching to ways of making student thinking more visible. In addition, revenues funded improvements in the academic program, including a new “Thinkering Lab,” as well as deepening our resources in student support. Importantly, we have been able to increase the amount of tuition assistance available to both new and existing families. Lastly, our Board continued the wise policy of directing ten percent of Annual Fund dollars to our steadily growing endowment. We make efforts to stretch every dollar that comes in to ensure perpetual growth of this fine school.

I hope you will see in this publication that there are many vital aspects to the Carey Fund. It serves as a reminder that every one does their part at The Carey School. Every family contributes, every faculty member contributes, and every student benefits. We appreciate every one of them.