Mary Folsom2.14_2On May 21, 2015, the Board of Trustees honored trustee and parent Mary Folsom for her three years of service on the Carey board. Described as “devoted, thoughtful, reflective, humble, genuine, warm, and deeply knowledgeable about schools,” Mary was a model trustee. Dedicated, open to new ideas and smart, Mary was a powerful presence on the board with a truly unrivaled love and passion for Carey. Her first instinct was always to listen, to learn and then, in her signature mindful and purposeful way, to offer a powerful, poignant insight or question to take the discussion to a better place.

During her time at Carey, there was no greater or more passionate spokesperson for our school. She led a critical, deep and inclusive study of the school’s value proposition, spending countless hours in her effort to find the perfect, authentic, easily articulated answer to the question, “Why Carey?” This work then formed the basis for our new website content. Indeed, Mary was the ultimate champion for “the Carey magic,” not only in what she said, but in the heartfelt genuine way she said it. Mary also chaired the Advancement Committee, bringing her passion for Carey to bear on a record-breaking annual fund. During her years of service, Mary brought an incredible work ethic and an unyielding commitment to follow-through to everything she did, and her enthusiasm was inspiring. We are deeply grateful for Mary’s warmth and authenticity, her dedication and the Carey passion she exuded in service of our great school.