mark_mooreMark Moore

Drop-off at The Carey School is a beautiful sight. Every morning around 8:15, a steady stream of cars move slowly down LaSalle and Alameda. They approach the front gate, doors open, and young children explode out onto the sidewalk. Then, the kids do what might be the most telling illustration for who we are at Carey.  They run onto campus. With backpacks bouncing and smiles streaming, Carey kids sprint (or occasionally skip) into their school, joyfully seizing the day.  

The Carey School is healthy, happy and thriving. Demand for the school is at an all-time high. We have full enrollment and abundant applications, and four out of every five students who are accepted to Carey choose to come to Carey, a yield percentage higher than even the best American colleges. We are, relatively, a school of value. Our tuition this year was $2,100 below the average tuition of six local independent elementary schools, keeping a Carey education a bit more accessible. Our middle school placement record is excellent. Carey graduates attend great, interesting middle schools and, by all accounts, distinguish themselves once there.

Our financial profile is also strong. Carey has a long tradition of fiscal responsibility, operating efficiently while producing a small annual surplus in each of the past 15 years. And gifts to our school are inspirational. We completed a $5 million capital campaign, CareyForward, in 2014 and our  annual fund has grown for 14 straight years, fueled by our proud and wonderful tradition of 100% parent and faculty participation. These gifts not only enable what we do, they reflect it. It is difficult to express how grateful we are to all who support us.

While we have much to celebrate about Carey, good schools are self-reflective and always moving forward.  Despite our financial success, our cash reserves are not extensive. Building our endowment will be a focus of the Board in coming years, as we look to sustain our excellent program decades into the future. While our buildings are modern and purpose-built for young children, parts of our outdoor space is antiquated. We have completed a master plan to “green” our campus and to integrate our outdoor space with our classroom curriculum. This won’t take place overnight, but we are taking a big step this spring as we reconstruct the hillside between the upper and lower play areas, to be completed in June.

Another area for growth and reflection is around diversity and inclusion, which strengthens all aspects of our school as students and families alike learn from a broad spectrum of perspectives and experiences.  Our efforts here are multi-faceted.  We formed the OneCarey committee, a team of trustees, parents, administrators and teachers who is taking a comprehensive look at our school, and recommending ways we can be more inclusive. At the same time, the Board has been actively assisting the administration around issues of financial aid and admissions outreach to promote a more diverse student body and family community.

So, all is well at The Carey School.  But please, stay in touch. Come visit, say hello to your favorite teacher, and tour campus. Drop in on Spaghetti Dinner, Operetta, or Walkfest. Or, better yet, come by first thing in the morning and watch the race onto campus, as student of all ages demonstrate with speed and agility their love for their Carey School.

Board of Trustees Executive Committee

Mark Moore – President
Kristy Cowan – Vice President
Robbie Fang– Secretary
Steve Lo – Treasurer

Board of Trustees

Jean Adams
Lydia Alexander-Kapoor
Kim Bottoms
Ben Coughlin
Brian Dowd
Robert Dykes
Joe Eandi
Miguel Espinosa
Robbie Fang
Mary Folsom
Mason Ford
Bobbie Gates
Kim Pepper
Katie Raab
Nkia Richardson
Kelly Sortino