Julie Lee

As I walk onto campus, I am constantly awed by the kindness and genuine care that illuminates from the kids, the families, and the faculty. We are Carey! It can start with a car door being opened for a parent running late for work and a child with a cumbersome backpack. It can start with holding the gate open for a parent simultaneously carrying food for a faculty appreciation breakfast and holding a small hand that’s a tiny bit nervous about school on a Monday morning. It can start with a smile, hug, and “hello” from another parent who has just dropped off their child. The kindness is palpable at Carey. Teaching kindness at an elementary education level has many positive impacts including a reduction in bullying and an ability to empathize with others. Kindness is a skill that our children will need as they mature and navigate our world. Recently, the faculty decided to launch a “kindness” week at school where kids were encouraged to acknowledge random acts of kindness that they saw on campus. And each grade came up with a kindness project that was directed towards the community around us: the neighbors, the firefighters, the faculty. Hearing about these projects only reinforced what I already knew about the Carey community: Carey is KIND! I can only hope that the world becomes that much more of a better place when we encourage our children to be kind to one another.