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Mani and Nooshin Azimi
Njonjo Baham and Tasha Smith Baham
Nick and Lisa Barr
Mark Bevan
Jafar Bey and Bianca Wooden
Marianne Bleicher
Joe Budman and Heidi Chang
Audra Carli
Chris Catanzaro
Daniel Chanin
Norman and Barbara Cohen
Combined Jewish Philanthropies
Liz Considine
Kathy D’Amico
Barney Desroches
Melissa DuBois
Marlon Flores and Elizabeth Zirate
Nathan Geer
Saul Gerry and Carla Schultheis-Gerry
Lindsey Hetrick
Bill and Mary Hughes
Intel Corporation
Christos and Mina Katsis
Hillary Katz
Ja’nayi Keller
Jessica Lawson
Helen Lew
Westy Litz
Molly Lynch
Luis Martinez
Rositur and Karena Martin
David and Emma McCulloch
Neely Norris and Brooke Reynolds
Payton O’Neill
Katherine Odlum
Valerie Palmerin
Lyly Pham
Olivia Pogorelskin
Amelia Rowland
Taylor Salvitti
Anthony and Gwendy Scampavia
Julie and Amy Sherman
Jonathan and Nicole Sorger
Barbara and William Stowe
Michele and John Zirelli


Carolyn Ash
Chris Bastian
John Bateman and Binna Kim
Scott and Lisa Broock
Mike Chambers and Cathy Chappell-Chambers
Matthew Cohn and Miriam Aronoff
Edgar and Hilary Coral
Alfredo Correa Tedesco and Zita Agazzi
Lovie Cunningham
Kell Fujimoto and Sandra Suzaki
Ryan Gabriel and Leslie Shirasu
Peter and Linda Gardner
Thomas Haas and Catherine Dillon
Christopher Jensen and Soojin Lee
Peter and Stine Jewett
Allen Lantor
Kathy Layendecker
Pablo and Christina Lema
Gregory and Josephine Lochbaum
Daryl Luey and Maxine Tse
Sean and Jill Melvin
Sesh Mudumbai and Krishna Chaganti
Vijay and Juile Murthy
Michael Ohliger and Huaiyu Yang
Patrick and Talia Plawner
Joel and Melissa Selcher
Silver Spring Networks
Jonathan and Lexi Slavet
Kelly Sortino and Andrew Malcolm
Vinay and Roopali Srihari

Sponsors (cont.)

Consuela Stewart
Thomas and May Toy
Daniel and Leslie Widmann
Craig Wyatt and Amanda Reed


Sundance Banks and Claudia Dierkes-Banks
Ajit and Resham Bharwani
Robert and Michelle Ficcaglia
Kerem Guneri and Kimberly Sargent
Zev and Teri Handelman
Peter and Caroline Hughes
Jeff Hyman and Hillary Weingast
Bill and Abby Jakobowski
Vijay Kanal and Amreen Husain
Shawn Kerrigan and Laleh Haghshenass
Leslie Kramer
Steve Krause and Jacqueline LeSage Krause
Jason Kwok and Yunnie Lee
Suzanne LaVigne Gibbs
Don Low and Elaine Cheung
Pehr and Carolyn Luedtke
Duncan Lyon and Veronica Agosta
Matthew McMullen and Erica Kwei
Christopher and Julene Montgomery
Frans and Deborah Op den Kamp
Herbert and Reina Perez
Zachary and Jennifer Price
Fuad Rashid and Sharmeen Suri
Adolfo and Veronica Riedel
Chris and Meaghan Schaefer
Scott Sutherland and Lesley Gold
Steven Xanthopoulos and Amy Vinther
Todd Young and Catherine Nelson Young

Eagle Society

Eugene and Nicole Alston
Alan Anderson and Beth Frensilli
Ted Apple and Susan Faris
Brian and Dana Ascher
Aykut and Bilge Atali
Jose and Damaris Avila
Brian Baum and Moira Geraghty
Kevin and Rebecca Berk
Bradley and Helen Carris
Michael and Cecile Chang
Ben Coughlin and Annie Luetkemeyer
Mark Cox and Molly Walker
Joseph and Susan Eandi
Shahriar Emami and Azita Oghlidos
Miguel and Angela Espinosa
Mason and Julie Ford
Charlie and Wendy Forrester
Daniel Hennessy and Rebecca Boyden
Wiley and Susie Hodges
Freddy and Alicia Huynh
Sinclair and Jamie Hwang
Ara and Lori Jabagchourian
Vineet Jain and Savita Patel
Mark Jaremko and Joanne Quan
Torsten Kimura and Alice Akahoshi
Stacy and Jae Kim
Aaron and Kelley Kinney
Kim Liu and Helen Koo
Bryant and Patricia Macy
Curt and Lynn Metzger
Mark and Sandra Moore
The David and Lucile Packard Foundation
Tracy and Dylan Powers
Damon and Nkia Richardson
Tom and Melissa Saberi
Sheldon and Natasha Salins
Christian Schin and Tamara Tompkins
Self-Serve Petroleum, Inc.
Sachin and Rajshri Shah
Matthew and Katrina Sitter
Mark and Ariela St. Pierre
Kevin and JoAnne Taylor
Justin Vitale and Angie Kim
Jingwei Wu and Hong Su
Bryan Young and Amy Primus
Lee and Doris Zane
Sean Yun and Maoxia Zheng

1928 Society

Steven and Lydia Bergman
Albert and Jean Chiang
Ryan and Joyce Chow
Jim and Toni Coopersmith
James and Kristen Cowan
John and Adrienne Crowther
Vijay and Victoria Culas
Tiago and Wendy Dias
Liang Fang and Jinying Yuan
Matthew and Lindsay Folk
Jamie and Bobbie Gates
Jack and Nina Herndon
Robert and Andrea Irvin
Thad and Melita Jampol
Douglas and Mimi Jones
Bill Lenihan and Nicole Ancelovici-Lenihan
Francis Lepoutre and Georgina Hernandez Amaya
Steven and Vanessa Lo
Greg and Heather Melvin
David and Young Hwa Moon
Christopher and Christina O’Neill
Murthy Nukala and Sunita Parbhu
Peter and Amy Radovich
Jason and Grace Rhee
Juan Carlos Rocha and Grecia Marrufo
Joshua and Julie Rossman
Adam and Amy Schwartz
Jason and Yoonsung Ting
Donald Toy and Marcie Low-Toy
David Tse and Annie Chan
Jon and Cristal Waldrop

Gold Circle

David and Kim Bottoms
Brian and Janina Dong
Patrick Jimenez and Veronica Ramirez
Rajil Kapoor and Lydia Alexander
Eric and Suyun Kim
Hasan Malik and Sarah Suleman
John and Christa Quarles
Anand Shroff and Kirti Dewan Shroff
Anthony and Caroline Tsao

Platinum Circle

Young and Jennifer Chung
Brian and Beth Dowd
Mark and Lisa Hammitt
Peter and Cheryl Jaunich
Jaunich Family Foundation
Jamie and Allison Keenan
Gary and Lily Kiang
Dave and Danielle Kling
Mike and Kelly Markson
Rick and Melinda Osterloh
Douglas and Kim Pepper
Mike and Kelly Ryerson
Daniel Tumas and Dorothy French
Ryan and Laurie Zander
Zander Family Foundation

Red and White Circle

Jason and Jamie Kilar
Albert and Julie Lee

Giving Levels

Diamond Circle ($25,000+)
Red and White Circle ($15,000-$24,999)
Platinum Circle ($10,000-$14,999)
Gold Circle ($7,000-$9,999)
Silver Circle ($5,000-$6,999)
1928 Society ($3,750-$4,999)
Benefactors ($2,500-$3,749)
Eagle Society ($1,750-$2,499)
Associates ($1,000-$1,749)
Patrons ($500-$999)
Sponsors ($250-$499)
Friends ($1-$249)