mark_mooreMark Moore

The Carey School fosters a sense of support, warmth, and nurturing that has led the us through many prosperous years. We, once again, had a very healthy and happy 2016-17. Our Annual Fund was a success thanks to the many parent volunteers and staff who stepped in during a year without a Development Director. The CSPA fundraisers continued to impress and exceed goals this year, raising money to support financial aid through our “Fund A Need”, Carey community and educational events, and service learning. We are incredibly grateful for the support of our families and community that allows our students to grow to new heights and our school to continue to be sought after by prospective families.

The Carey School is thriving in many ways. We have competitive faculty and staff salaries and non-monetary benefits such as free lunches, yoga, and professional development. Students at Carey learn more than academics, they learn compassion, empathy, and to think independently and solve problems collectively. We are fortunate to be led by Duncan Lyon, our Head of School, who leads with vision and purpose.

Two significant accomplishments for our school during 2016-17 is the Hillside play area, which we opened in September 2016. This new space allows children a beautiful outdoor space to explore, inquire and be curious. The second highlight is the start of the Flying Eagles, our new planned giving program. Inspired by Mary T. Carey and Claire Willard Carey, who bequeathed our campus to the school, we have officially inaugurated this special program for those who choose to make the most indelible connection to Carey and consider the school in their estate planning.

As we look forward to 90 years, we are thinking big. We see a future that includes building our endowment, expanding access to more families, improving our campus and continuing to develop exceptional educational programs. Together, anything is possible.

Board of Trustees Executive Committee

Mark Moore – President
Kristy Cowan – Vice President
Mike Ryerson – Secretary
Miguel Espinosa – Treasurer

Board of Trustees

Jean Adams
Lydia Alexander-Kapoor
Kim Bottoms
Jean Chiang
Ben Coughlin
Robert Dykes
Joe Eandi
Mason Ford
Bobbie Gates
Gary Kiang
Kathy Layendecker
Julie Lee
Steve Lo
Sunita Parbhu
Kim Pepper
Nkia Richardson
Kelly Sortino
Cristal Waldrop