Allison Keenan

The CSPA had a memorable 2016-17 school year. Whether it was Walkfest is the fall, the cookie
drive during the holidays or our Annual Gala in the spring, there was a lot of fun memories and
equal parts hard work. Aside from the CSPA’s two annual fundraisers, and many other activities
throughout the year, our job is to represent the Carey parents. We know in order to do that
successfully, we must listen with intent. What I have noticed during my year as CSPA President,
is that when you hear and respond to the needs of the community, we all benefit. The culture
at Carey is to respond to others with kindness, thoughtfulness, to nurture, and to help when,
and as needed.  We are fortunate that this comes naturally for the parents, students and staff
at Carey.

How did we listen in 2016-17? Some highlights include changing the way room parents
communicate with their classes.  Instead of an online portal, room parents are emailing families
directly each week. We also started our first Mix and Mingle dinner in January, 2017. The night
was designed to give parents the opportunity to have open conversations and meaningful
interactions with parents outside of their children’s grades or social circles.  We have improved
the ways that families can interact and share information through The Carey School Community
Bulletin Board, launched in early April 2017.  The bulletin board is a CSPA-maintained forum
where Carey parents and guardians can easily connect and communicate about carpools,
community events and items for sale or donation. Thank you for your suggestions. I am excited
to see some positive changes underway.

We hope to see (and hear) you all around campus as we are in the midst of another exciting