By Lily Ng, CSPA President

The 2017-2018 CSPA executive team had the privilege of working with an engaged and dedicated parent community, all thanks to the strong work done by previous CSPA teams. This gave us a great foundation in terms of culture and community values and allowed us the freedom to do some deep-dive work.

This year, the goals of the CSPA were:

  1. New family on-boarding and engagement
  2. Continued support of our commitment to diversity and inclusion
  3. Fundraising efforts

We welcomed 35 new families to the school and as with years past, they were all paired with mentor families prior to the start of the school year. We tried a few new things this year: For New Parent Orientation II, instead of putting most of the focus on development, we tried a broader message on how to get involved, by giving time, resources and talents. We organized four new parent happy hours, themed around “The Ten Things I Wished I Knew When I Was New…”. These were productive conversations where the new parents learned more about the workings of the school and we utilized these opportunities to delve deeper into the subject of development and the Annual Fund. Through the rest of the school year, we also tried to increase the number of touch points with new families, both via the mentor families as well as through the CSPA itself.

The new social studies curriculum this year dovetailed well with our school’s commitment to DEI and we had the chance to share the details of the new curriculum with parents during New Parent Orientation as well as the first CSPA meeting. We took care to continue to review our communication and events throughout the year to ensure families at Carey feel a sense of belonging by having a broad range of activities to participate in.

Fundraising efforts in our two annual events yielded good results. As with previous years, we had a great turnout for Walkfest, raising $60,000 with a profit of $40,500. The spring auction was a great success, with the Live Auction fetching $187,000 while Fund-A-Need raised $188,000. Net of expenses, auction raised $300,000.

We continue to be fortunate to have strong interest from the community for volunteer leadership positions across committee chairs as well as on the executive team. As always, the CSPA is looking forward to hearing from all of you and are committed as ever to working with each family to ensure a positive and rewarding experience at The Carey School.

Lily Ng
CSPA President, 2017-2018