Aaron and Ida Gruber
Aaron and Kelley Kinney
Ahmed and Dayna (Shon) Elgasseir
Aileen Mitchner
Ajit and Resham Bharwani
Alex and Lindsay Ramsay
Alex and Shelley Gullo
Alfredo Correa Tedesco and Zita Agazzi
Alicia Goggiano
Alixanne Agnew
Andrew Malcolm and Kelly Sortino
Anmol Sheth and Payal Shah
Anonymous (12)
Anthonie Janse van Rensburg and Natasha Taylor
Anthony Tsao
Ashish Motivala and Nilofer Motiwala
Audra Carli
Aykut and Bilge Atali
Bank of New York Mellon
Barney Desroches
Bill and Abby Jakobowski
Bill Lenihan and Nicole Ancelovici-Lenihan
Brian and Janina Dong
Brian Baum and Moira Geraghty
Caroline Lee
Charles and Diana Williams
Charlie and Wendy Forrester
Chris and Lily Bastian
Chris Anderson and Jessic Trogler
Curt and Lynn Metzger
Danitra Nash
David and Michelle Winters
David Menashe and Glenna Auerback
David Tse and Annie Chan
Derek and Esther Shek
Don Low and Elaine Cheung
Douglas and Kim Pepper
Douglas and Mimi Jones
Eric and Kate Dachs
Eric and Robin Nedzi
Eric and Suyun Kim
Eugene and Nicole Alston
Fidelity Charitable
Frans and Deborah Op den Kamp
Genentech, Inc
George and Julie O’Brien
Goldman Sachs
Google Inc.
Greg and Heather Melvin
Han Ahn and Amy Lin
Hanin Benchohra
Hans and Claire Tung
Hasan Malik and Sarah Suleman
Helen Lew
Hillary Katz
Intel Corporation
Ian Kennish and Jane Butler
Jack and Nina Herndon
Jake Bauer and Jasmine Bhuva
James and Kaye Slavet
James and Nancy Wu
Jamie and Allison Keenan
Jamie and Marritje Greene
Jason Kwok and Yunnie Lee
Jeffrey and Kimberly Baker
Jennifer Dane
Jessica Lawson
Jim and Toni Coopersmith
John and Carolyn Choi
John and Courtney Nicoletti
Johnny Chan and Cecilia Wong
Jonathan Tripp and Maiko Ezawa
JP Morgan Charitable Giving Fund
Kathy and Glenn Layendecker
Katie Rizzo
Kerem Guneri and Kimberly Sargent
Kyle and Katie Morgenroth
Leah Solivan and Michael Breyer
Lee and Doris Zane
Lori Frediani
Lyly Pham
Madhukar Namburi and Radhika Mehra Namburi
Marianne Bleicher
Martin and Yi-Wyn Colaco
Matthew and Katrina Sitter
Matthew and Lindsay Folk
Matthew McMullen and Erica Kwei
McKinsey & Company
Meagan Vincent
Melissa DuBois
Mia Dixon
Michael Zhang and Heidi Pan
Michele and John Zirelli
Mike and Kelly Markson
Morgan Stanley
Nathan and Mina Fisher
Nathan Geer
Neely Norris and Brooke Reynolds
Paco Ramirez Martinez and Christyn Marshall-Ramirez
Paul and Kyung Ok Hong
Peter and Julie Antupit
Peter and Stine Jewett
Rajesh and Vanita Puri
Rajil Kapoor and Lydia Alexander
Rama and Shalini Sekhar
Raziel and Hava Ungar
Robert and Andrea Irvin
Robert and Karina Dykes
Rositur and Karena Martin
Ryan and Joyce Chow
Ryan and Laurie Zander
Sameer and Neha Narang
Sara Verhalen
Saul Gerry and Carla Schultheis-Gerry
Sawan Deshpande and Sonali Agrawal
Schwab Charitable
Shaun and Stephanie Duncan
Sheldon and Natasha Salins
Sherry Anoush
Silicon Valley Bank
Sinclair and Jamie Hwang
Sohan and Sandhya Talwalker
Steven and Lydia Bergman
Sundance Banks and Claudia Dierkes-Banks
Suzanne LaVigne Gibbs
Suzie Quiney
Thad and Melita Jampol
Tiago and Wendy Dias
Vineet Jain and Savita Patel
Vinod and Elizabeth Devan
William G. Irwin Charity Foundation
Young and Jennifer Chung
Zander Family Foundation