Annual Fund Co-Chairpersons

Brian Baum

Claudia Dierkes-Banks



Kyle and Katie Morgenroth

Alan and Rita Khalfin


Johnny Chan and Cecilia Wong

Steven and Lissa Seem

Natasha and Sheldon Salins

Julie and George O’Brien

First Grade

Sameer and Neha Narang

John and Courtney Nicoletti

Nilu and Ashish Motivala

Stephanie and Shaun Duncan

Second Grade

Jack and Nina Herndon

Aaron and Kelley Kinney

Lorri and Alex Dyner

Tim Choy and Vierra Wong

Third Grade

Bill and Abby Jakobowski

Elizabeth and Vinod Devan

Rama and Shalini Sekhar

Stine and Peter Jewett

Fourth Grade

Katrina and Matt Sitter

Suzanne and Richard Liu

Han Ahn and Amy Lin

Andrew Way and Jennifer Park-Way

Fifth Grade

Julie and Albert Lee

Janina and Brian Dong

Andrea and Robert Irvin

Kaye and James Slavet