Aaron and Ida Gruber
Aaron and Kelley Kinney
Aaron Vasquez and Victorya Prazdnik
Adolfo and Veronica Riedel
Ahmed and Dayna (Shon) Elgasseir
Aileen Mitchner
Ajit and Resham Bharwani
Alan and Rita Khalfin
Albert and Jean Chiang
Albert and Julie Lee
Alex and Lindsay Ramsay
Alex and Lorri Dyner
Alex and Shelley Gullo
Alexander Kaminaris and Rachel Chanin
Alexander Loomis and Marnie Breckenridge
Alfredo Correa Tedesco and Zita Agazzi
Alicia Goggiano
Alisa Dolby
Amir Zeineddini and Haanieh Riahi
Amy Wilk
Andrea and Nadia Baroni
Andrew and Olga Kahn
Andrew Chang and Cindy Tse
Andrew Grotto and Anne Claiborne
Andrew Malcolm and Kelly Sortino
Andrew Way and Jennifer Park-Way
Anmol Sheth and Payal Shah
Anonymous x 15
Anthonie Janse van Rensburg and Natasha Taylor
Anthony Tsao
Ara and Lori Jabagchourian
Ashish Motivala and Nilofer Motiwala
Audra Carli
August Barizon and Sara Boroumand-Barizon
Aykut and Bilge Atali
Bank of America
Bank of New York Mellon
Barney Desroches
Bill and Abby Jakobowski
Bob and Tami Lahl
Brian and Janina Dong
Brian and Louise Schultze
Brian and Vivian Lovett
Brian Baum and Moira Geraghty
Brittany Burgo
Caroline Lee
Chan Zuckerberg Initiative
Charles and Diana Williams
Chris and Lily Bastian
Christopher Jensen and Soojin Lee
Constantine and Nicole Holmes
Consuela Stewart
Curt and Lynn Metzger
Danitra Nash
Darius and Julianna Achmatow
Darrell Anderson and Jessica Trogler
David and Michelle Winters
David Menashe and Glenna Auerback
David Tse and Annie Chan
David Williams and Brittany Jackson
Derek and Esther Shek
Dilip Sundarraj and Reshma Viswanath Iyer
Dolores Baum
Don Low and Elaine Cheung
Donald Toy and Marcie Low-Toy
Douglas and Kim Pepper
Douglas and Mimi Jones
Duncan Lyon and Veronica Agosta
Eric and Amy Goldfarb
Eric and Kate Dachs
Eric and Robin Nedzi
Eric and Suyun Kim
Eric Lin and Jennifer Hu
Erika Silk
Erin and Austin Haugen
Eugene and Nicole Alston
Evan and Amy Tato
Fernando Velayos and Uma Mahadevan
Fidelity Charitable
Franklin Templeton
Frans and Deborah Op den Kamp
Gautam Kedia and Salomi Daftary
Genentech, Inc
George and Julie O’Brien
Gilead Sciences
Gokul and Neha Ramdas
Goldman Sachs
Google Inc.
Greg and Heather Melvin
Greg Dirrenberger and Karen Hummel
Gregory and Josephine Lochbaum
Han Ahn and Amy Lin
Han Shen and Yinjie Shen Zhang
Han Zhou and Lin Xing
Hans and Claire Tung
Helen Lew
Herbert and Reina Perez
Ian and Sharon Yahya
Ian Kennish and Jane Butler
Intel Corporation
Jack and Nina Herndon
Jack Luo and Karen Cai
Jake Bauer and Jasmine Bhuva
Jakub Jurek and Abigail Doyle
James and Kaye Slavet
James and Nancy Wu
James Song and Marianne Moon
Jamie Trierweiler
Jason and Yoonsung Ting
Jason Kwok and Yunnie Lee
Jeff Chen and Sukhuma Sukul
Jeff Maltz
Jeffery Schroeder and Jane Huang
Jeffrey and Kimberly Baker
Jennifer de Sousa
Jens Singler and Benedicte Maya
Jessica Lawson
Jiaoming Chen and Wei Li
John and Carolyn Choi
John and Courtney Nicoletti
Johnny Chan and Cecilia Wong
Jonathan and Nicole Sorger
Jonathan Tripp and Maiko Ezawa
Joseph Miller
Joshua and Julie Rossman
Joy Stotz
JP Morgan
Justin and Teresa Saks
Kathy and Glenn Layendecker
Kathy Angell
Katie Rizzo
Kent Grelling
Kerem Guneri and Kimberly Sargent
Kevin Wuerfel and Melissa Warhaftig
Kristen Hunter and Matthew Crystal
Kyle and Katie Morgenroth
Lam Research
Lance and Kimberly Kavanaugh
Lawrence Cadapan and Kim Wong
Leah Solivan and Michael Breyer
Lee and Doris Zane
Leroy and Melissa Sims
Leslie Kramer
Liang Fang and Jinying Yuan
Liz Considine
Lois Sitter
Lori Frediani
Lyly Pham
Mani and Nooshin Azimi
Marc and Jennifer Acton
Maria Foundation
Mark and Kristin Punzalan
Mark and Mia Malhotra
Mark Cox and Molly Walker
Marlon Flores
Martin and Yi-Wyn Colaco
Matthew and Jennifer Gillett
Matthew and Katrina Sitter
Matthew and Lindsay Folk
Matthew McMullen and Erica Kwei
Meagan McGovern
Meagan Vincent
Melissa DuBois
Merck Foundation
Mia Dixon
Michael and Betsy Berman
Michael Feng and Sophia Tseng
Michael Ohliger and Huaiyu Yang
Michael Ying and Laurie Mun
Michael Zhang and Heidi Pan
Michele and John Zirelli
Mike and Kelly Markson
Miles and Suzanne Tomlinson
Monica Nash
Morgan Stanley
Murthy Nukala and Sunita Parbhu
Nadia Natafgi
Nakul Arora and Vasudha Aghi
Nathan and Mina Fisher
Nathan Geer
Neely Norris and Brooke Reynolds
Network for Good
Nick and Lisa Barr
Oussama Mannaa and Shirley Azzghayer
Pablo and Christina Lema
Paco Ramirez Martinez and Christyn Marshall-Ramirez
Pager Duty
Patrick and Christy Hubbard
Paul Hauser and Alex Lockett
Peng Cao and Christine Zhu
Peter and Caroline Hughes
Peter and Julie Antupit
Peter and Stine Jewett
Philip and Angela Shields
Pierre and Carmela Martichoux
Qi Chen and Mingjin Yan
Rahul Verma and Monali Sheth
Rajil Kapoor and Lydia Alexander
Rama and Shalini Sekhar
Ran Nelken and Aviv Regev
Raul and Karie Vazquez
Ravichandran Rao and Thaila Sundaresan
Raymond Difley
Raziel and Hava Ungar
Richard and Suzanne Liu
Rick and Melinda Osterloh
Robert and Andrea Irvin
Robert and Karina Dykes
Robert Savage and Jennifer Matthews
Rositur and Karena Martin
Ryan and Joyce Chow
Ryan and Laurie Zander
Sage Eldercare Solutions
Sam Bresnahan and Lillian Wang
Sameer and Neha Narang
Sara Verhalen
Sasha Mironov
Saul Gerry and Carla Schultheis-Gerry
Savinay Berry and Rashi Chowdhry
Sawan Deshpande and Sonali Agrawal
Schwab Charitable
Sean and Jill Melvin
Sesh Mudumbai and Krishna Chaganti
Shanna and Jim Gellas
Shaun and Bertha Vanessa Gambina
Shaun and Stephanie Duncan
Shaylona Wheeler
Sheldon and Natasha Salins
Sherry Anoush
Silicon Valley Bank
Simeon and Naureen George
Sinclair and Jamie Hwang
Sohan and Sandhya Talwalker
Stefania Lucchesi
Steven and Elizabeth Seem
Steven Xanthopoulos and Amy Vinther
Suman and Sonal Talukdar
Sundance Banks and Claudia Dierkes-Banks
Suzanne LaVigne Gibbs
Suzie Quiney
Thad and Melita Jampol
The David and Lucile Packard Foundation
Thomas and Edna Kim
Thomas and May Toy
Tiago and Wendy Dias
Travis Mackin
Valerie Torres
Victor and Briana Ishida
Vijay Kanal and Amreen Husain
Vinay and Roopali Srihari
Vinod and Elizabeth Devan
Web Sun and Jaime Chen
Wei Chen and Yan Xiao
Wei Liu and Ying Tan
Wells Fargo Bank
Wells Fargo Foundation
Young and Jennifer Chung
Yung and Emily Chen
Zachary and Jennifer Price
Zev and Teri Handelman